Carbon Sequestration Operation
Business profile

Adhering to the positioning of "ensuring China's ecological security, wood security, species security, and managing global forest resources", and with the innovative development concept of "forest +", we will combine domestic and foreign forest resources development with forest economy, wood processing trade, seedling breeding and other business operations, create a whole industrial chain of forestry economy, and realize the overall transformation and upgrading of traditional forestry. In Zhanjiang, Guangdong and Cenxi, Guangxi, China forest group has nearly 1million mu of forest land resources. It is the largest artificial forest base in southern China. It is the leading supplier of Eucalyptus chips in China. The stress resistance and growth of the series of Eucalyptus varieties studied and bred are 30-50% higher than those of similar varieties. In Chongqing in the southwest, China forestry group and the Chongqing municipal government have cooperated to build the Western China strategic reserve forest base project. The project has invested 19.5 billion yuan to build 5million mu of national strategic reserve forest and build a green ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. At the same time, it actively responded to the national "the Belt and Road" initiative. In New Zealand, China forest group owns 800000 mu of forest land resources, and has obtained the exclusive right to underwrite the forest land owned by Hong Kong Green Heart in New Zealand, becoming the most influential foreign enterprise in New Zealand. In Russia, China Forestry Group has reached comprehensive strategic cooperation with RFP (Far East Forestry), the largest timber enterprise in Russia, to further cooperate in the development of Russian timber resources. In Myanmar, China Forestry Group is the leading enterprise of the ecological environment group in the twelve industrial fields of the China Myanmar economic corridor. It will build the largest and most modern international forestry comprehensive park in Myanmar with 300 acres (about 121.41 hectares). This project has been listed as one of the key cooperation projects of the China Myanmar economic corridor.

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